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Avram Fefer --- Saxes and Compositions
Marc Ribot --- Electric Guitar
Eric Revis --- Acoustic Bass
Chad Taylor --- Drums


Rivers on Mars (2018)

The Sound of 23rd Century Dance Music...

Drawing on our previous work in groups like Burnt Sugar Arkestra, Sun Ra, Fela on Broadway, Squelch, and The Last Poets ---  this debut album is our entry into the world of JAZZTRONICA. Deja Voodoo features trance-inducing waves of interstellar melody; splashes of searing guitar and harmonic counterpoint; loops of sonic mayhem bubbling up spontaneously via laptop...  all dancing on a riverbed of deep astral rhythm. 

"Their debut album captures the tone of the shows perfectly, with songs building on legacies of Miles’ Bitches Brew, Ornette Coleman & Primetime, Sun Ra, P-Funk, and Coltrane into a electro-tribal roar. An impressive debut that demands multiple listens."---The Filtered Excellence: By Earl Douglas

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet,  Flute
Greg Tate --- Loopadelics
On Ka'a Davis --- Electric Guitar
Jason DiMatteo --- Acoustic Bass
Chris Eddleton --- Drums


Big Picture Holiday (2015)

After years playing the underground New York lounge scene, my psychedelic afro-funk ensemble - Big Picture Holiday - finally lays the groove down for posterity with its recently released debut album, Shimmer and Melt. Unlike my acoustic jazz recordings, which were primarily attempts to document a creative moment full of spontaneity and improvisation, this album involved more post-production trying to get the sound and texture 'just right'. I'm actually pretty happy with the results.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute
Kenny Wessel, David Phelps --- Elec. Guitar
Alexis Marcelo --- Wurlitzer, Rhodes
Jason DiMatteo --- Electric Bass
Chris Eddleton --- Drums


Eliyahu  (2011)

This album was my tenth release as a leader and my second by this particular trio. Dedicated to my father, who passed in 2010, I consider it a kind of musical bookend to my debut recording, Calling All Spirits.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet
Eric Revis --- Bass
Chad Taylor --- Drums

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RITUAL (2009)

This was my first trio album with Eric Revis  and Chad Taylor and I think it captures our well-established musical rapport (we had played together many times in other combinations). The first piece - Testament- was inspired by Ornette Coleman, with whom I had been hanging out and playing duo on numerous occasions.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet
Eric Revis --- Bass
Chad Taylor --- Drums


Sanctuary (2006)

My only album in the 'classic quartet' tradition of sax, bass, drums, and piano, it was the fourth album I recorded with legendary pianist Bobby Few. Bobby flew over from Paris and we toured the states as a duo, before meeting up with Newman Taylor and Hill Greene to record this album. 

Bobby Few --- Piano
Hill Greene --- Bass
Newman Taylor Baker --- Drums



Recorded in Paris, this album presents the lyrical side of my duo with Bobby Few. We play classics by Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington as well as a couple of originals. We clearly share a love of the melodic, the soulful, and the romantic as demonstrated in our relaxed approach to this recording.

Bobby Few --- Piano
Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Clarinet


Heavenly places (2005)

This CD combines the tail end of the Kindred Spirits recording session with part of a live set from a festival in Belgium recorded just days before. We're heard letting loose in a spontaneous burst of improvisation at the end of the recording day --- a moment of musical liberation we called "Happy Hour". The title piece is  "Heavenly Places", a composition I wrote in memory of drummer Oliver Johnson and bassist Wilber Morris, both elder bandmates and mentors of mine.

Bobby Few --- Piano
Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Clarinet



Utilizing cello and incorporating my clarinet and bass clarinet playing, I was going for a lighter, more spacious sound, emphasizing the organic nature of the band's instrumentation. The band didn't play much apart from this recording, but I've continued to perform with each of these great musicians over the years.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Tomas Ulrich --- Cello
Ken Filiano --- Bass
Jay Rosen --- Drums


Few and Far Between (2002)

This is a trio date with Bobby Few and the late great bassist, Wilber Morris, recorded live at Tonic, my favorite club in New York City at the time. This album includes a composition by each of the band's members as well as Mingus' Nostalgia in Times Square. Featuring some great vocal effects by Wilber and extensive group improvisation, it's definitely on the inspired, unbridled side of things. One of Downbeat Magazine's Best of 2002.

Bobby Few --- Piano
Wilber Morris --- Bass
Newman Taylor Baker --- Drums

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Lucille's Gemini Dream (2002)

My second recording as a leader features a quartet with trombonist Steve Swell, bassist Wilber Morris and drummer Igal Foni. It includes original compositions and group improvisations, focusing on the band's interplay. One of the Village Voice's Best of 2002.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes
Steve Swell --- Trombone
Wilber Morris --- Bass
Igal Foni --- Drums



My debut disc as a leader, this album includes a number of original compositions, as well as pieces by Mingus, Cherry, and Coleman. This trio had been playing regularly at the Knitting Factory for a couple years leading up to this recording and I think you can hear the level of musical intimacy that steady work can produce. All first takes, we play a typical evening's repertoire for the band at the time . This album is a favorite amongst critics and fans, even called a classic by some.

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet
Eric Revis --- Bass
Igal Foni --- Drums