I have been fortunate to participate in a wide variety of musical projects. Some are single events, while others have grown into long-term collaborations. Click the links to specific projects - including videos and photos - or click the discography page to listen to many of my albums.

New Album Coming Out November 8, 2019!!

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Avram Fefer --- Saxes and Compositions
Marc Ribot --- Electric Guitar
Eric Revis --- Acoustic Bass
Chad Taylor --- Drums

A new album featuring quartet versions of many of my tunes that were originally recorded in trio format. The addition of guitarist Marc Ribot adds a quality of ruggedness, lyricism, and counterpoint to the band that manages to intensify the compositions and improvisations included on this album. He blended into the group seamlessly while adding his own powerful musical voice to the overall sound, creating such a dynamic and sensitive rhythm section that I couldnā€™t help laughing out loud as I listened back to some of the tracks during the mixing process.


Rivers ON MARS (2018)

"Experiments in Improvised Dance Music...."


Greg Tate -- Laptop

On Ka'a Davis -- Guitar

Jason DiMatteo -- Bass

Chris Eddleton -- Drums

Avram Fefer -- Saxes, Flute, Bass Clarinet


CD Release Show

June 21st 6:30 pm - 9:30pm

BRIC Arts B-Side


Acoustic Groups

Avram Fefer Trio - w/ Eric Revis, Chad Taylor

                                  w/ Eric Revis, Igal Foni

                                  w/ Bobby Few, Wilber Morris

Avram Fefer Quartet - w/ Bobby Few, Hill Greene, Newman Taylor Baker

                                     - w/ Steve Swell, Wilber Morris, Igal Foni

                                     - w/ Tomas Ulrich, Ken Filiano, Jay Rosen

Avram Fefer / Bobby Few Duo

Avram Fefer / Michael Bisio Duo

African Chamber Trio - w/ Tim Keiper, Yacouba Sissoko, Brahim Fribgane

Nuju 4tet - w/Reut Regev, Adam Lane, Igal Foni

Feferfonix Orchestra - w/ Igal Foni

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RESONANT             SCULPTURE               PROJECT

The Resonant Sculpture Project is an international site-specific series of solo performances based on acoustic interactions between my musical improvisations and the large-scale works of world-renowned sculptor Richard Serra. Performances are filmed with a live audience, edited and presented online.

RSP performance with Richard Serra's  NJ-1  at Gagosian Gallery, New York (2016).

RSP performance with Richard Serra's NJ-1 at Gagosian Gallery, New York (2016).


Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber

Adam Rudolph's Go:Organic Orchestra


Adam Lane's Blue Spirit Band w/ Roy Campbell, Vijay Anderson

Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra

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