Rivers on Mars

After venturing into the funky, compositional territory of my band Big Picture Holiday and our debut album, Shimmer and Melt, I was ready to try a more abstract approach to live performance. With a nod to the work of Sun-Ra, P-Funk, and Bill Laswell, I wanted to present electric, groove-based music in a riskier, live improvisation setting. In the spring of 2016, I began calling on several of my incredibly talented friends from the NY scene and created the band Rivers on Mars. I finally found the right combination of folks --- creative spirits with strongly defined musical personalities---and we've been playing together ever since. Recently we went into the studio to begin the  process of recording this music and will hopefully have something to share with you soon!


Greg Tate --- laptop

On Ka'a Davis -- elec. guitar

Chris Eddleton  or Greg Gonzalez --- drums

Avram Fefer --- saxes, bass clarinet, flute